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PISTOLS BY NORRT NORRTN WITH OLD WOODEN DISPLAY BOX, CIRCA 1795. Cal. 65 Bore. NSN. Bbls. 12 1/4″ oct. to rnd. engraved “NORRT NORRTN” on top flat in front of 2 poincons w/ initials flanked by 3 fleur di lis stamps in diamonds. There appears to be some script initials on tangs. Round bodied flintlocks have rounded pans & friction bridled frizzens & springs w/ fancy filed finials. Round bodied serpentine cocks & lockplates engraved w/ sprigs of acanthus scroll. Trigger plates & triggers are brass. Pistols are iron mounted w/ shaped & engraved trigger guards, sideplates, heavy spurred grip caps & crest plates at tops of grips. Stocks extend to muzzles that are somewhat relief carved. False carved in ramrods are in file decorated pipes. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: old carpenter made oak box w/ black velvet lining in top & gold velvet in bottom. CONDITION: fair. All iron surfaces show cleaning over light overall pitting. Stocks have some cracks & repairs; one gun has chipping & in-fill at left grip. This pistol is missing one lock screw. The other pistol has 2 1/2″ x 3/8″ piece missing at right muzzle. Display box is good. Heer lists Norrt working in Estonia ca. 1790-1800. (01-17375/MGM63). ANTIQUE.