1861 Double Thaler- Frankfurt (2 Vereinsthaler)


Issuer Free imperial city of Frankfurt (German states) 
Period Free City (1372-1866)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1860-1866
Value 3½ Gulden = 2 Vereinsthaler (3.5)
Currency Gulden (1838-1866)
Composition Silver (.900)


Obverse: In the center, dressed and draped bust of Francofurtia (personification of the city of Frankfurt), hair tied in chinion with oak crown on head, facing right.
German legend on the periphery and signature under the bust. Script: Latin Lettering: FREIE STADT FRANKFURT Translation: Free city of Frankfurt

Reverse: In the center, crowned eagle (symbol of the city)
German legend on the periphery indicating the value and the weight and the year below. Script: Latin Lettering: * ZWEI VEREINSTHALER . XV EIN PFUND FEIN *