1557 1 Thaler – August


Issuer Electorate of Saxony (Albertinian Line) (German states) 
Prince elector ​​​​​​​August I (1553-1586)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1554-1558
Value 1 Taler
Currency Thaler (1493-1805)
Composition Silver


Obverse: Bust right, sword over right shoulder, titles of August I undivided. Script: Latin

Reverse: 12-fold arms with central shield of electoral Saxony divide date, 3 helmets above, titles continued. Script: Latin

Augustus, Elector of Saxony  House of Wettin, Albertine Line

German prince

Born on 31 July 1526 in Freiberg
Died on 11 February 1586 in Dresden