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About Our Services

As our name implies, we provide “Xchange” services for a wide variety of Precious Metals, Bullion, Collectible or Numismatic Coins, Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds and Sterling Silver. By Xchange we mean that we may purchase these items from you (Buy), we maintain an extensive inventory of these items available for retail purchase (Sell) and/or we may lend money on these items (Pawn).

Our Pricing

We purchase based upon the currentSpot Price” or trading price of the commodity metal.  We may pay a premium over the Spot Price on some items if we determine there is additional Collectible or Numismatic value as in Coins, Jewelry, Watches or Diamonds. 

Payments over $300 are made by check as required by Louisiana State Law. 

Recent Expansion

We have recently expanded and upgraded our retail store to offer purchased items for resell.  Often our Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds and Sterling Silver pieces can be purchased for much less than full retail pricing seen in stores and internet sites. 

In addition, we carry an extensive inventory of Collectible / Numismatic Coins as well as Precious Metal Bullion, Coins and Bars.

Lending Services

We are a licensed Louisiana Pawn Broker, specializing in lending on Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Collectible and Numismatic Coins and Precious Metals.  We do not lend on any other items.  We will soon add “Cryptocurrencies” to our Lending Options.

How to reach us?

Gold Xchange, LLC
1812 W. Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA 70508
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Gold Xchange, LLC

1812 W. Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA 70508